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Hello All, my wife has Parkinson’s and I’m exploring options to make it easier to board our 342.  The gunwale sits just about level with the dock at high tide and it isn’t too hard to enter over the side.  I’m looking for something she can grab onto that is more stable than the camper canvas supports.  Climbing the ladder down from the dock isn’t too bad unless the tide is out.  Any ideas are appreciated!
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    Do you have a pic of your boat at the doc?
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    I bought my 342 right near Cambridge
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    They make all sizes of grab handle's you can attach to your boat. And many places to buy them. Here's a couple idea's. Hope this answer's your question. 


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    OK, so you need something up high that she can grab when stepping in over the side.  

    Maybe you could add a strut that connects the two canvas supports to each other.  In other words, add a bar just under the canvas top, running fore-to-aft with connectors at the two existing supports.  That would stabilize the canvas supports, and give her something sturdy to grab. 

    You could even add a small hand strap, like the ones you see on a bus for standing passengers.  The strap could slide back or forward as needed.    

    It would probably cost a couple hundred bucks to do it right.
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