Location of Windlass Selinoid on 2005 342

Does anyone know how to get to the Selinoid on the RInker 342?  I have the infamous clicking sound but no action from the motor.  I read other threads and 9 of 10 times its the solenoid but I can't seem to find a thread on how to locate/remove for repair.  Thanks a Ton!


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    I believe that it is behind the sub woofer at the helm. Sub is easy to remove. Others have commented here that it is back there somewhere.
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    Older 342s (like mine) had the Lewmar 600 windlass and no relay.  Instead of a relay they put a BIG toggle switch in the helm.  The wiring diagram for the 342 confirms that.  

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    If you hit the windlass button up or down and hear some clicking in the dash on the right hand side, you've got a solenoid and it's located behind the subwoofer. I have a solenoid on my 2005
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