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Finally, my ship has come in! I'll be shopping for a BRAND NEW cruiser, probably in the 50-60 ft range. I just received an email from an attorney in South Africa informing me that a relative with my same last name has died and left over 18 million dollars in a bank in South Africa and with no will, the attorney is obligated to seek out living kinfolk. I am SO elated! There is just no way that this could possibly be a scam, is there? I mean a person certainly wouldn't claim to be an attorney and to have all the legal expertise to handle such matters if it weren't so, right? O, Happy Day!!!


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    ....aren't you and I related - my Admiral said she thinks we are LOL .....Seriously - GOOD FOR YOU!!!!! Happy Shopping!!!!!
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    You should quit your job and tell your boss off.  It serves him right.
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    @davidbrooks, HA! I'm self employed - all the more reason that 18 mil will be so sweet. No more retirement worries, yuk yuk.
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    Quickly buy the marina, and the nearest 5000 sq ft house. Order boat for spring shipment. Oh and sell your business. 
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    I’m hoping you sent them your routing number and a small deposit to cover the processing !!!!!
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    Be sure to get them your ss number, your bank account number and any other personal info you can think of so they can transfer all the funds easily!
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    @rasbury you are correct! Also to make the transaction go as smooth as possible give them all of your family members SS numbers.
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    HeII Yeah! You'll be so rich, buy us all one!
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    You could probably pay a crew to drive your new boat while you sip mai tai’s 
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    To be sure the message gets through post all details here so we can assist  :)



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    .....or as I sure you suggesting @212 - it was someone else's share?
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    Count the $$$ to make sure it's all there. B)
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