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All, I want to upgrade the anchor on my 06 390. I still have the factory plow anchor and want to step up the size to be more substantial. Has anyone gone down this path and found the top end of anchor size that works best for that boat?

alternatively has anyone powder coated their anchor? I may use the old anchor as a stern anchor and thought about powder coating it. 


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    If I ever upgraded mine it would probably be to the one that Tony Walker used to talk about (can't remember off-hand).  But, do you have issues with your curren one not holding?  I wouldn't think it'd be much different than what I have and I've never had any problems in our boating area.  Heck, last weekend I was holding 8 very large boats for most of the day with a strong wind.  A plow would also be a bit more of a pain to handle as a stern (just my opinion).  Danforth is a bit easier as a stern and does well.

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    There are two great anchors that are very different from the OEM Delta plow anchors supplied by most manufacturers.

    I believe Tony W. had a Manson Supreme and I bought one as a result of his reviews and there is the Rocna type, another superb anchor.

    Defender Marine was having a sale over Labor Day I do not know if it is still on.
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    I have a Rocna 20 on my 360.  This is one size larger than i need for my boat but why not if it fits.  The anchor is unbelievable. I bought after lots of research. It is essentially the same as the Manson Supreme. It has a roll bar on the top so if the wind shifts the anchor will theoretically roll and reset. More often than not the anchor is so set in the sand it won't need to roll. I bought it after issues with dragging my delta in heavy blows. This past weekend I put the rocna to the test. We had my 360, a Mainship 34, a Searay 24, and a Rinker 266 on it in swirling 30mph winds. We didn't want to drop a bunch of anchors as the wind was switching every 6 hours or so.  So we used the largest anchor in mine and set anchor alarms. We didn't budge. When it was time to pull man that thing was set. It's a great anchor and I'm convinced the best kind for my area. 
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    Never heard of a Rocna until reading Craig's post. Have always felt that cqr is best. Just did some reading online about the Rocna and wow I definitely would consider it if anchor shopping. Some very convincing tests and testimonials out there. Thanks for the education 
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    IMO between the two anchor brands: Manson Supreme ans Rocna .....buy whichever one you can get the best price on. A slip mate tested a Rocna and a Manson Supreme side-by-side on the same day in the same location using a 350 Rinker twin 377 mags/Bllls fully wet. We could not tell the difference. I bought a Manson Supreme SS on a really great sale at Defender Marine. It was a killer anchor. Set and DONE!!!!!
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    Guys,Thanks for the reviews. It was definitely valuable information. After some more research and finding a great deal with Defender Marine I ordered with the Manson Supreme.

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    Here is another option too:


    I just bought their small anchor that disassembles for my dinghy.   

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