No electrical power to starboard engine - 2008 - 5.0 - 350 MAG Mercrusier Engine

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I'm having an issue with no electric power on my starboard engine, when I turn the key no beep in the first position and the engine will not start, it's just dead.  The port is operating perfectly normal.  I checked all the fuses I could find and nothing seems out of sorts.  All batteries are functioning perfectly and putting out the right power I checked them all with the multimeter. It was suggested to me that my alternator could be out?  Would that keep the "beep" noise from happening when the key is turned to the first position?  I felt like this was something very simple like fuse......any advise would be awesome!  Thanks in advance for your help


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    I think you have a large breaker on the top of your motor
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    Yep...checked that one, but I just found several threads on other sites about a "hidden" fuse.  Here is a pic of the hidden fuse, will be back out at the boat in a couple days and will certainly be checking that out....
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    You have checked the ground on the ignition and put a multimeter downstream of the switch?
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    switch ?
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    On the top of your motor to the port side next to the ecm are 2 black relays.   The right side one (forward unit) is the engine power relay.  Im betting it has failed.   
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  • WildboatingWildboating Posts: 896Member ✭✭✭
    2003 Rinker 342 Fiesta Vee, 350 Mag MPI, Bravo 3 2.20:1 w/ 22p 4 x4 props

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    If you have no power at all check the wire terminations at the starter. One time on a pontoon boat I lost the wire from the battery to the helm at the starter.
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    At the helm check your ignition switch and wires. The wires are simple screw type wire clamps if I recall. It could easily loosen. At one point I had a wire strand break loose and arc to one of the other terminals on the switch. It caused the alternator to continuously turn even when started. 
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    Thanks everyone for the suggestions....It seemed I had two separate issues pop up at the same time.  The power to key was a loose wire, I'm sorry I don't know where that was at, a mechanic found that and fixed. I have power everywhere but the situation is that the engine cranks but will not start.  I have traced it down to no power at the fuel pump by putting a volt meter on the plug from the engine to the pump, when I turn the key no voltage, I repeated the same on the working port engine and the volts shot right up to 13ish.  Additionally, when turning the key to the ACC position you do not hear the pump priming the fuel like normal (but since I have no power there that makes perfect sense).

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