Faulty fuel filter. Anyone else have similar problem?

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weekend was going great.  We had 4 couples on the 270 with gear ( beer n ice).  Day was going great.  We lounged around in some tubes ate and drank and then decided to take a trip about 22 miles up the river to the art museum    Very windy out Saturday so we hit some chop the boat got tossed around a good bit    Shortly after that I experienced a fluctuation in rpm's    Couldn't keep the boat on plane would only run around 2500 rpm's before it's seem to be starving for fuel    I shut everything down to replace the fuel water separator dumped into a bucket no water in filter.    Next I disconnected my in-line fuel filter   Drained filter through inlet side and a good amount of sediment came out I change the fuel filter and of last season and put a good amount of hours on this year so far so I'm probably due.    On our ride back it cleared up a bit but then same problem luckily I was able to limp back to the marina at 10 mph and the tide was going my way thankfully     Next morning took fuel filter back off to check again I noticed something was in the Briss Barb so I disconnected and also noticed a rattle inside the filter canister. Seems to me the filter inside is glued somehow to the one side of the filter and this material sailed and clogged the orifice of the hose barb     I inspected it really well and it is not any type of gas varnish I've seen plenty of that in the past this looks like it was molded around a fitting when put together almost like the filter inside was  sealed inside with this material around the one end    When the filter dries out good I'm going to take my wizard and cut the canister open     I never had the fuel filter be the cause of a problem before I did take the line after the filter off and cleaned out the fitting attached to the fuel pump to be sure nothing had passed through further    Weird failure for sure 


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    Interesting. Sure looks like glue/sealant.  

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    Looks like a gasket that meets the fiting internally when its tightened 
  • TrashmanTrashman New Jersey/ philaPosts: 416Member ✭✭✭
    Yes, the material is almost identical to hot glue. Obviously dis colored by the gas.  
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    I found a similar material when I changed the cool fuel filters on my boat last fall. Turns out that it was the glue (or whatever is used) to hold the metal end caps into the paper element of the water separating filter. When I showed the deteriorated filter to a Merc Technician he thought it was coming off the filter because it was being dissolved due to ethanol in the fuel. The end caps were literally falling off of the paper filter element. Just a guess...
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    I have seen that numerous times with cheap aftermarket filters in the auto industry
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