Made a new cooler! Kinda

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So ever since I bought my boat i wondered why rinker didn't put a drain in this storage cubby on my 276. I really can't use it for anything because when it rains heavy the water that collects on the gunwhale eventually leads to it, and it just sits. I always wanted to use it for storing a couple drinks, but once the ice would melt I'd have to soak up the water, and forget that. 

Rinker starting putting a drain on them the last year or two, but they just put a line through the floor and into the bilge, I assume. I didn't want that, so I installed a drain and t'd into the existing sink drain line. It worked great and is watertight. I did put a little silicon under the drain too, to make sure nothing gets under the cabinet. If it works well I might even wrap the exterior of the cubby in insulation, to make the ice last longer.  B)

2013 276 Cuddy ~ 350 MAG / B3
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  • JoeStangJoeStang Metro DetroitPosts: 784Member ✭✭✭
    And @wm61356 sorry I couldn't BS more, I was on a time crunch and ready to hit the water with a buddy. Feel free to stop by anytime again!  B)
    2013 276 Cuddy ~ 350 MAG / B3
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    @joeStang - The drain is an excellent idea and looks great. Very good and useful modification!

    No problem on the time part, I was just going for a ride in the whaler and happened to wander into your marina. It was good to meet you. I'll swing by again some time. Feel free to stop by my dock at MacRay as well if you're in the area.

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    That must be awesome! Hate water in the bottom of coolers.
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    Yeah that was the biggest annoyance, soaking up rain water from inside it. It was really a wasted storage spot, now I can at least use it for koozies or anything like that. 
    2013 276 Cuddy ~ 350 MAG / B3
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    my map compartment is like that, really needs a drain for that. When the covers are on it's protected but if it sits in the rain, it's mold city in there. I don't see a good way to drain it without tearing some stuff apart....
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    map compartment??
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    That's a bad place to mount amp fyi

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    J3ff said:
    map compartment??

    I think he is referring to the plexiglass covered storage are area on the port side of the dash on our 270s underneath the windshield.  I think it was built to hold maps and charts but they better be waterproof.
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