Question for those that have replaced carpet with SeaDek, Aqua-tek and other stick down flooring....

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We are considering replacement of carpet with one of the above, samples in hand and comparing as well as seeing the great feedback here. One concern my wife raised was about cleaning the edges around the sides - the place where the bit and pieces fall to between the edge of the carpet and the "walls". Like most us here we keep the vessel ship-shape so after vacuuming, I unsnap the edges and vacuum or wipe around there too as well as get to anything trapped underneath. While once stuck down nothing will get underneath, we wonder about anything trapped at the edges - does it get stuck to the adhesive edge, brushing or wiping down the edge does it affect the smooth edging etc.

Keen to hear of any concerns and experiences.




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    I've had my SeaDek in for about a year now and love it.  Zero issues with cleaning or stuff sticking to the edges.  I'm a picky cleaner person too. :)

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    Put SeaDek on swim platforms and walk way into my 232BR. I am trying to get another year out of my carpet. Will put SeaDec in its place. If edge or surface gets soiled, some soapy water and a brush will take care of it and rinse. Since it is closed cell foam it doesn't hold water. Love it.
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    Our marinemat is nice stuff.  Its a bit thicker than seadek, which although likely more comfortable I would be weary if you had dogs with sharp nails.  I dropped a boat part on it and it left a slight slice in the material from the sharp metal edge.  I'm likely the only one that notices it, but it still bothered me that it left a mark.  The other thing I have noticed is I clean it even more than my old carpet.  Sand gets stuck in the teak lines and it drives me nuts so I sweep it most days.  As for the edges you can sweep most anything that gets stuck in there.

    I do really like the way it looks compared to carpet, the softness, and the ability to take a hose and scrub it with my boat brush and not worry about drying.

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    Thanks for the feedback. @craigswardmtb - which stuff did you use, have a link? So many different names and types now.



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    I am in the process of getting my SeaDek setup measured and cut and that was one of the questions I had for the guy. No one I have spoken to with SeaDek has had a problem with the edges but very valid question. 
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    I purchased seadek brand 3 yrs ago for my 16' jet boat and Marinemat brand for my Rinker 360 this season.  Seadek is twice the cost, I like the feel and quality of the Marinemat over the more expensive seadek.
    I installed snap down in the cockpit and stick down on swim platform, helm stairs/windshield walkout. More pics to come.
    MarineMat inc , contact Jennifer for pricing 813-749-7112
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    Seadek is easy to keep clean. It didn't lift on my boat. You can take a hose right in board now and spray the floor down. And it's dry in 15 to 20 minutes. You'd never be able to do that with carpet. 

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