Water in Hull of Boat - Trying to understand this situation.

DanishgodDanishgod CanadaPosts: 36Member ✭✭
I have a 2014 Captiva 236.  I was storing some stuff in the floor storage and noted that there was water in the drain hole.  When I looked in the transom, it was completely dry.  I was under the assumption that the water collected would flow to the transom and get pumped out the back.  Curious, I stuck a oil pump out tube into the storage drain hole and managed to pump out about 25 litres of water or 7 gallons.  Somewhat surprised at this, I am now trying to understand why there was this water in the chambers before the transom.  Can anyone comment on this matter


  • zaverin1zaverin1 Saint Clair Shores,MIPosts: 1,124Member ✭✭✭
    Probably drains are clogged or mid ship pump is bad 
  • bluewatersailorbluewatersailor FloridaPosts: 23Member ✭✭
    It's fairly common to have limber holes in frames - which often run right across the bilges - so that the bilges communicate and so the water will flow to the bilge where the pump is. As you can surely guess, the limber holes will plug up with junk sooner or later, with the exact result that you're seeing.

    The usual trick on sailboats is to run a bit of stainless bead chain through the limbers, secure one end of it with few inches of bungee cord, and tie some light line to the other end of the chain. Once every couple of months, or whenever you feel the need, you "jig" those lines a few times, and that will clear your limbers without the need to crawl into, or stick you head in the bilge.

    A ship in the harbor is safe... but that's not what ships were made for.

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