Oil Pressure/Engine temp 2002 342 fiesta Vee

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Ok, so I bought the boat last August  Took out 2 times last year for short runs and using this summer for learing the ropes before I go out in Puget Sound for the 400 mile trip back and forth to Desolation Sound.  today on the short outing I idled to up to 1,500 RPM for about 40 minutes.  Temp on both engines was below 180 - I would wager maybe 170.  After 40 minutes jumped on plane to 3,200 RPM ran for about 10 minutes.  Notice temperature on Port engine jumped above 180 to near 200 while starboard was right above 185.  Came back off plane back to 1,000 RPM.  Port engine pressure dropped to about 20 PSI while starboard remained at 40 PSI.  When I got to slip about 15 minutes later temp on both dropped back to around the 180 mark.  weird thing is port pressure stayed at 20 psi on idle while the starboard dropped off 40 down to around 20 on;y after that last idle period. 

Checked both Oil levels before I started and after finished with them both in normal range.  no weird milkiness in port oil.

Risers were cool to touch back at dock 

Port engine coolant had spit a bit (less tha a cup or so) of coolant into expansion tank. 

No leaking fluid under Port engine

Both oil filters were VERY HOT confirming the temp gauges both registering just below 180 at the slip.  

I tend to more or less trust the crappy factory gauges and understand they can be off some but the past few times I have been out they would register around 40 psi and never saw temp get over the 185 mark on plane or on idle.  The fuel gauge on starboard quit working begining this year (sheet) and this time out the speedo quick working but for just a while (assuming it is a pitot type and marina milfoil plugged temporarily.   

Engines are the MX 6.2L Horizons.


I am going to bring infared temp gun next time out to eval various locations on the block. 

In my go fast (Pachanga 270), my old twin 350 magnums were spot on at 165 degrees never deviated a bit for like 17 years.  Wasn't until I repowered with Mercury Marine 357 4V alphas (and Sea Ray added through hull water pickups for the blocks) that temperature on those routinely is at 180 regardless of idle or 4,500 RPM but with the weirdness being as soon as you come off plane temp jumps to 200 but dropped as fast back to 180.

In cars, small block mouse temp is almost a universal 170 while the big block rat hovers around 185.     

For those of us that don't know, what are typical pressure and temp ranges for these engines in our boats? 

BTW- Obviously freshwater cooling and I do have Bravo 3 with outdrive showers too.   

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    Oh yea, engines have just under 300 hrs each

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    Just my 2 cents but I say raw water impeller, motor ran hot oil got hotter so psi at 20 is hot oil. Your hand held lazer should confirm. Diginostic computer could confirm water psi of raw water pump.
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    I agree with Chris.  Start simple with an impeller if it hasn't been done recently.  Next culprit could be that crumby water pickup tube in the drive.  They are known to wear out and start to collapse or get clogged up with growth.  

    Ever since i got my vesselview mobile going its nice to see actual temps and not rely on those crumby Faria gauges.  However i have noticed at cruise my starboard 496 runs at 170, where my port is at 167/168.  Seeing VV is somewhat new i'm not sure if this temp variance is new or if its always been like that.  Do you guys run a couple degrees different on each engine?  At idle the temps are the same.  I have two seasons on the impellers and have been meaning to change them anyway.  I'll likely do it before our big trip in a couple weeks just for peace of mind.
  • Autodog61Autodog61 Pacific NorthwestPosts: 24Member

    Yea, I suppose for the temps it could be related to impellers.  Good news there is the are easily accessed on the lower unit of the Bravo3 drive.  What about oil pressure.  do your 496's drop to 20 PSI at idle or do they stay at 40 and above?  I know they are crappy gauges but also that anything above 10-15PSI at idle isn't catastrophic at with the faria's registering just below 20 psi that it could be anything from 15 to 30.  Just wondering what others see. 

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  • Liberty44140Liberty44140 Bay Village & Marblehead, OH.Posts: 1,056Member ✭✭✭
    20 at hot idle is fine and yes those gauges stink so if it really concerns you have it checked at the sender. If throughout the summer your  hot idle pressure drops over time you should be concerned. Your impellers are on the engine in the water pump, not in the outdrive. Agree with the posts here that your first step should be changing impellers. Also are you using the right oil and filter? Should be using the 25w40 quicksilver oil and the quicksilver filter. That can have an effect on oil pressure. 
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  • Autodog61Autodog61 Pacific NorthwestPosts: 24Member

    One question about impeller location: 

    during inspection last year, there were only two, no stet that, it was three through hull water pick ups.  One was for head pump, one for Genset, and one for A/C.  There were no others.  Which typically would me the water pickup for engine cooling (exhaust risers and heat exchanger with freshwater cooling) is from the outdrives not from other through-hull ports that I apparently don't have. 

    But, also, I can tell you that there are also what appears to be impeller housings on the front, bottom, right of each engine (I know because that's where one of the two ports are located for draining water for winter freeze protection with that blue pump- Think its on that impeller housing - PITA to get too-Next winter I'll higher a hobbit to do it).  So did I miss something during the inspection?

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  • craigswardmtbcraigswardmtb Mystic, CTPosts: 876Member ✭✭✭

    The only impellers are on the water pumps in your engine room.  Kind of a PIA the first change but not so bad at subsequent changes.

    As for my pressure i'm always at 40psi and above.  Not sure if 20 is normal for your engines.  I would be very suspicious if one engine was 20 psi less than the other.  However you basically overheated so I guess that could have dropped it a bit.  My bet is that your gauge is garbage, and its fine.

  • Black_DiamondBlack_Diamond Holland, MichiganPosts: 3,767Member ✭✭✭✭✭
    B-III water pump is on the engine, not the outdrive. 

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  • Autodog61Autodog61 Pacific NorthwestPosts: 24Member
    Ok, I get the impeller being on the starboard, low, front on both engines.  BUt, then where are the pickups?  Through the Bravo3 drive lower unit just with no impeller?  Apparently Bravo's are different than alphas where the alpha has an impeller in each lower unit.  What cools the bravo3 then?  I suppose that's one of the reasons folks point out Bravo's run hot.  Well, I will give feedback again after I go out this weekend with the infrared temp gun and check a bunch of points on the blocks.   
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  • Liberty44140Liberty44140 Bay Village & Marblehead, OH.Posts: 1,056Member ✭✭✭
    You definitely have water pickup coming in through the bravo 3. Many 342s, like mine, have both thru hull water intakes and water coming in from the bravo 3, if you did have both it would be pretty obvious so it's probably just coming in through the drive. 
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