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I'm looking to buy a 2001 Fiesta Vee 270. It's listed at a great price, but needs some work. I'm trying to estimate the cost a few things. I have never purchased parts for a boat and sort of at a loss of how much things would cost. The boat has basically sat for two years, only been started and ran a few times. We took it out and it ran very well. We will definitely do the pre-buy inspection, but looking for some negotiating power.  
Could anyone throw out an approximate estimate for: complete re-upholstery, replacing two cabin windows, re-decal, re-pinstripe, trim doesn't work, spot light out, boat detail (if there is such a thing), new battery, throttle was incredibly stiff (it made getting it back into the slip difficult, not sure if that needs to be replaced or if it will loosen up), and the cabin door needs to re-sealed.
Again, just an estimate is fine. I want to make an offering that makes sense with the work that needs to be done. 



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    Those are some tuff ones to answer...and what other maintenance has not been done? For example, to replace the lower sift cable you have to pull the drive- when were the bellows done- there is a grand total for all that. How many hours on the boat? Price now? I have a 270 and if to redo the seats, I would guess 2 grand? If you can't do the cleaning and detailing yourself, it takes a lot of labor hours.boating projects can be very expensive but a diamond in the ruff can bea good deal. Mine was an 05 3 years ago- had 100 hours on it so I figured he could have not screwed it up to bad but there are just costs to maintaining. Good luck! Great boat choice.
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    My guess is the $4500-5500 range if no other problems. Bravo III? Shift cable and bellows $1100-$1500 depending on where you are. Mine let go the day after I bought it. I agree about $2K w/ Rasbury for upholstery. Gimbal ring/steering swivel good? Big bucks if not. Battery $100 range. I had to replace all 4 cabin windows on my 270. Can't remember exact price but thinking $150-$200 each. It adds up fast. I would think very low $20s without a trailer. Gen set? A/C? Maybe a LITTLE more. Check the lower unit close for corrosion issues. B3 had them prior to 2004 in my experience. Trim and spotlight maybe another $500 depending on total replacement/DIY. Good luck!  -Paul
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    Yep...about 5 G's might cover the eventualities. 2 for a drive rebuild if needed. If the shift cable needs changing you might as well do the drive while you're at it. It likely won't get better. It's a steel cable inside a nylon sleeve covered in rubber. Works or it doesn't.
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    At some point, depending on your dyi abilities figure out if you get something newer or take on the project!
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    I spent $3K on new deck and cabin cushions.  I used all Seaquest vinyl, but cloth in the cabin may save a few bucks.
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