Original Prop

Hi all, I currently running a 1997 240 fiesta vee, does anybody have an idea of the original prop size and pitch, having
troubles finding this info, 5.7 litre, alpha 1, recently upgraded from a 3 blade to a 4 blade 17' pitch, boat feels really
sluggish any ideas of original would be great


  • Handymans342Handymans342 Cape Coral, FLPosts: 6,185Member ✭✭✭✭✭
    17 pitch sounds too low. 
  • davebowen47davebowen47 Posts: 1Member
    Mine has a 17' pitch 3 blade but struggles to pull itself up onto the plane. Had been thinking about changing to a 4 blade so interested how you get on. 
  • Michael TMichael T Posts: 6,237Member ✭✭✭✭✭
    In most cases a 4 blade will provide better stern lift (for faster planing) and possibly less vibration. That said, a four blade usually provides less top end with lower WOT/RPM. You have to be careful when changing propellers to avoid lowering or raising the RPMs of the engine(s) outside of their proper RPM band (exclusive to each engine/drive set-up) at the specified WOT range for that set-up.
  • Gr8earsGr8ears Posts: 11Member ✭✭
    I replaced the three blade on my 250 Vee, 5.7 Merc/Alpha 1.  Got a Hustler from Amazon for $90.  Four blade 17".  Huge difference.  This prop has two different styles of blades on it.  Looks kind of funky, but great value and performance.
    I'm going to buy another for my spare and sell the three blades.
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