Bypass oil filter systems

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Anyone ever install a bypass oil filter system?

Ran across this one:

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    I just use the Mercury Racing High Efficiency 35-881126K01 filter, and change oil every 50hrs.....big filter adds probably 1/2 a quart.Lots of room on the Volvo, not sure on you Merc guys
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    I run one on my diesel truck...

    a few seasons ago i linked that same product you did. 

    it would be great for commercial operations.  there is something to be said for extended intervals in costs when you're changing oil once or twice a month.  

    i run the NUC system w/ amsoil 2Uc 100 series canister.  I also run Schaeffer's Supreme 9k oil- with that trademark green tint to the oil.  I can't bring myself to go beyond 15k miles, though Blackstone keeps telling me to do so.  12~15 is my limit... the oil doesn't start to lose it's semi-transparency until after 5k miles, and it doesn't lose it's green tint until around 10k miles.  

    when that filter system scrubs that well, i often wonder what it's doing to the oil... oil is supposed to suspend particulates and ash, which is why it's not a bad thing to see oil black as black can be- it means it's doing what it's supposed to do....... but the TBN is always high in the UOA I sent in.  always. 

    the amsoil 100 series last around 35~40k miles- and I swap it because of the pressure drop (which doesn't impact engine flow, just what goes through the filter).  the ONLY concern i have about the system is WOT runs (which don't happen on the truck but would on a boat) and because it's crossed my mind the bypass could rob that tiny but terribly needed flow/pressure from the engine at it's most crucial time. 

    a bit off subject, but something i stumbled across- if you add archoil 9100 in appropriate ratio to Scheaffer's 9k supreme, it makes one helluva strong oil.  I run it specifically to protect turbo seals and bearings- which get stupid hot- but those two products in tandem have treated that PSD very nicely... the only thing i've seen high in count (well below level of concern) is aluminum, and ONLY when i've made a winter run up north to the U.P.... those cold starts, and by cold i mean -10* and lower... hence the eberspacher i installed which eliminated that altogether. 
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    Love this Idea and the fact that the filters are mounted upside down.  
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    Sorry bit off topic but I have a small leak which I think is coming from a remote oil hose..which is a PITA to fix.  Kinda wish I just had the filter on the block like the old days or if room allowed.

    The remote oil filter is a good solution but just adds complication to the system and more areas to leak.
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    Love this Idea and the fact that the filters are mounted upside down.  
    you can mount them however you want... for larger boats they're mounted on the bulkhead usually.  i don't know that these things would be beneficial for recreational boats of the size range made by rinker... 

    for over the road truckers, intervals have been extended well over 250k miles... that's pretty impressive and saves fleets a ton of money... for commercial or large boats, they certainly would be a good idea.... i just don't think they'd be that good for a small boat with a simple v8 (or pair).  

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