shower drain water discharge

I have a Fiesta Vee 330, where does the shower drain water go? I turned on the shower and went outside of the boat to see where the water was discharging, and no water visible outside.


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    Should go to a sump tank under the aft berth. Once the tank fills a bilge pump in the tank pumps it out. Some people remove the tank though and let the shower drain in to the bilge which gets stinky and is not recommended 
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    My 2003 310 goes to sump pump as @Liberty44140 said. It's a good stream so you may not see a drip line, have someone pour water down there until the pump runs while you look outside. If no pump runs or no water then perhaps it's going into the bilge.



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    Might be worth looking under the mid-cabin cushions and see if you can spot the discharge hose from the shower drain.  If it goes to a sump, you will see real quick if it's working or leaking.  I had one "fail" and it was just dumping everything into the spot where it was mounted, which allowed it to wick into the carpet.

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    First problem that I have is as I don't have the ability to remove the upholstered board that the cushion sit on. It's easy enough to get the screws out but there are screws behind the wall and I can't get to. Any thoughts?
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    And one of those upholstered boards is rotted out and stinks so it's pretty obvious that there's a leak down there somewhere
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    If equipped with a shower sump, which filters out the hair, etc., it should be under an easily accessible hatch, can't imagine you'd need to take screws out.  Like others said, it's not just under the mid cabin mattress?  In the compartment with the seacock valves.
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    I was able to find out the leak problem and that was that the float switch was not operating in the sump period so I changed to a new sump and then found that water was leaking from the drain in the shower self period so now that got fixed. The last problem that I have is that the fresh water tank appears to be leaking whether it's in the tank or fitting I don't know any suggestions as to how to remove that tank the leaking tank on the starboard side had rotted out the plywood underneath the seats and the leaking sump rotted out the plywood underneath the vinyl on the port side
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