is my toilet installed correctly

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I have one of the manual factory toilets and frankly, don't like it. I have rebuilt it with new seals and the famous jake valve, but looking how it is installed, the line goes up before it goes down to the tank right there in the bathroom- I don't see any way the thing can possibly pump out that bad stuff without some of it coming back into the toilet, what am I missing?

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    Oh man Ras, sorry to hear about that.  Hopefully you'll be able to get in there and figure it out without too much cost.  Please keep us up to date and hopefully we can help you out.

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    Well, not sure now what is going mentioned, have never had the auto bilge turn on before. So, as the weekend has progressed,I hit the pump and pumped out some water- and then it stopped! When I assumes the tank was busted it was wet all around it. When I opened the hatch yesterday it was completely dry around the tank and before I left the doc this am, no water when I hit the switch. I ran the motor, shower, sinks and no water. Weird! I no my a/c will generate some water but I had water jn the boat before I ran it- we have had no rain.
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    Ok, pulled the boat - the clamp for the shift cable has broken and a fair amount of water in the bilge. I ran the boat across the lake, kind of ruff and about 30 mins run time. There was, as a guess, 4 to 5 gallons came out when I pulled the plug. I had the plug screwed in there pretty tight, I use a wrench to put it in and out...any ideas? Won't be back in the water until after the first...
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    Rad, the clamp is made of steel, not SS but it should be easy to replace with the proper tool.
    here is how to do one. Some poeples use a ty-wrap if you go this way make sure that the locking pin on the ty -wrap is SS or plastic.

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    Would this account for this much leaking? Also should add, just had the coupler replaced and this was the first time back in the water except for a quick little run. Other than the connection for the foot pick up are there any other connection to check?
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    The place where I store the boat also did the coupler -he is putting a tie on it for me so hopefully the end of this- thanks all for the input. Will be back in the water after the holidays!
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