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My Battery Charger appears to be fried.  Was wondering why my fridge and engine hatch opener are not working even when connected to shore power? 


  • randy56randy56 Newburgh INPosts: 2,066Member ✭✭✭✭
    Are the battrie's shot also? both are 12 volt. The fridge should be both AC/DC 
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    Depends on the boat Randy.  My old 280 had a fridge that was 12V only.  On our 342 the gallery fridge is dual power but the cockpit fridge is 12v only also.

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  • shessshess Posts: 27Member ✭✭
    its a 2003 rinker FV.  in the past, i could get hatch open with just shore power and no batteries (when its dry docked in my driveway).  I can only assume that the blown battery charger has something to do with the fridge suddenly not working too.  The outlets on boat are all working as well as lights, etc.
  • Handymans342Handymans342 Cape Coral, FLPosts: 6,381Member ✭✭✭✭✭
    If the voltage to the fridge drops below 10 Volts, the fridge quits.
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