Navigation Lights on When Key is On

rmrstlmormrstlmo Posts: 124Member ✭✭✭
My navigation lights (red, green and white) are on when ever the key is turned on.  They work normal when the key is off - three position switch, off, running, and anchor white light only.  New boat to me and I'm not real good with electrical.  How would I go about chasing this down?


2000 340 FV


  • rinker312rinker312 Lake Wheeler, ALPosts: 255Member ✭✭
    perhaps some sort of modification done by the previous owner for some reason?  I would remove the screws and lift up the row of switches and look for anything that doesn't look factory, or any wires that are tapped into coming from that rocker switch.

    2004 Rinker 312, 5.0 Merc's, Bravo III, Lake Wheeler, AL

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