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Friday night was my first time on the hook, so I turned off my engine battery and left my house battery on, issue is my anchor lights seem to be tied into my crank battery not my house battery. Is this normal. I don't like the idea of a light running of my cranking battery all night when I need that battery in the am to fire the engines
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    Some things are wired direct to the battery, thus the battery switch does not turn everything

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    Brian, can't you isolate you anchor lights with your nav light selector switch at the helm, so only the white 2nm masthead light is on? You can also get an l.e.d. bulb for that to further reduce any draw.MT
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    Get one of those solar powered ones that fit on your anchor light mast...
  • Michael TMichael T Posts: 6,237Member ✭✭✭✭✭
    Brian, just make sure that whatever you get has a guaranteed visibility range for 2 nautical miles, for your safety, other's safety, your insurance and for those big coast guard finees. 2 nautical miles is considered the bare minimum. MT
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    I have been following this thread and like Brian am still wondering which battery the anchor light runs off. House or crank??? Does anyone know?



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    IMO, The crank battery should only be used just for cranking the motor only... additional batteries should be used for everything else and back-up
  • brianluckbrianluck baltimore marylandPosts: 174Member ✭✭✭
    Artist, that's my train of thought to. On my boat however that's not the case. I may need to do some reconfiguring
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    I would assume it run off of what ever battery you have your selector set to.
  • brianluckbrianluck baltimore marylandPosts: 174Member ✭✭✭
    I have 3 battery's, two cranks and a house. i have a house on off switch and a crank battery selector that allows me to chose 1- 2 or both. light only works when i have my crank battery switch turned on. if all switches are off lights are off. but i want to change it to my house battery. just need to track down the wires and switch it up
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    good idea to switch the power wire ... I'm sure the anchor light doesn't draw very much power.
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    Agree with PartsMan. You can also get replacement led bulbs for the anchor light at West Marine, Dr. LED and a whole bunch of other sites. You will need to know the manufacturer of your light mast (Perko, Attwood etc.) and it would help to look at your bulb too, to be sure what base it is. MT
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    Simple fix would be to turn off one battery.  I would imagine that the anchor light might only be wired to one anyways, but keep one totally isolated.  I turn mine on in May, off in November, so I am not really sure how they are wired, but I would imagine that keeping one battery off would save you a bunch of work.  Also, agree with a bright LED replacement.  Some of them are terrible, but the bright ones are great.
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