Bravo 3 zincs & clean props/drives

kneedeepkneedeep Berkley, ma, go to newport, ri mostlyPosts: 98Member ✭✭✭
Has anyone had the zincs on the bravo 3 pistons fall off? I've only been in the water a month & 1 is gone and another is loose. I'm assuming this is the marinas fault - not tightening enough or no thread lock? The other zincs aren't deteriorated, so I know they just got loose & fell off. Anyone ever install new zincs while the boats in the water? On another note, I discovered the missing zinc while going for a swim & cleaning the props & drives. The growth is bad in my area, so I go in every 2 weeks & use cotton gloves that have a textured rubber coating which work great for removing the fresh growth. Since I've been staying on top of it, the boat is planing better & running lower rpm's at cruise.


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