Bravo 3 drive gear ratio

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Is there an easy way to determine what the gear ration is for a 2013 bravo three on a 260.  Just would like to know.  I have contacted my dealer and we are waiting for  a 21 pitch prop set.  I currently have a 22 pitch prop set.  My problem is with full fuel,  water and 4 people on board it struggles to get on plane.  Oh yes it as a genny and radar arch as well.  Oh yes and a VC bottom paint.  With the 22 inch prop my wot is 4700-4800 rpms. I feel the 21 inch prop and so  does Rinker will get me to where I need to be and decrease my time to plane.  Oh I was wanting the gear ration so I could use the prop selector on the mercruiser web page just to see what it suggested

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