320 EC Black Hull Protection

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I have owned my 2007 320EC since new, each year I buff and polish the black hull sides until it looks new but I've noticed it is taking less time each year for the glossy shine to fade and oxidize. This year was the worse, losing it's shine in about a month, not all over but those that are in direct sunlight, I used 3M Scotchgard Liquid Marine Wax. In the past, I've used many products, Collenite Fleetwax seemed to last the longest but it too did not last a full season, plus it's a PITA to apply. I've done some research on Acrylic Sealants, Vertglas in particular, and wonder if this is the key to a longer lasting shine. Like I said, I can get a shine, but protecting it seems to be very difficult, also, why does the shine I do get not last as long as it used to? has anyone used Acrylic sealants and does they really work as well as advertised?


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    This is one that stirs 'em up and I'll admit I'm no sealant advocate but remain open minded. If you read the professional finishers opinions they consistently avoid the acrylic sealants and compare them to a short cut that eventually fails. Others take it as far as to say that they'd require a seller to pay to remove these sealants before they'd purchase a boat with it on. On the other hand, some who've applied them are happy with the results, if only in the short term.

    Here's a link that I use as a starting point to make sure you are prepping, compounding and waxing your gelcoat effectively. It's a very specific, professional process that works great.

    If you aren't following the process it'd explain why a quick coat of wax is less effective each year. Basically you need to compound out the micro scratches that mar the surface of an ineffectively prepped hull that are only masked by wax or even sealants. Wax is only a sealer over the gelcoat. Easier isn't really the best choice and I feel your pain but these hulls are beautiful if you get it down right.

    After bringing ours back from the dead with the process above by starting at step #3, our annual regimen is now only step 4 and 6, a light compound with 3m Finesse it finishing compound and 2coats of collonite #885 (takes about a day at a casual/steady pace on our Navy Blue 270). 

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    May have to give that a shot.. I was considering a wrap, but its expensive..
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    I  had a black 272 and realized over time that the dark color is so much more difficult to maintain, than white... so, I made a point to get a white hull this time around and i've been pretty happy, even though I think blue or black looks nicer when new...   the only way I'll ever have a dark hull again is if I have the ability to store out of the sun year around...     when I had the black hull, I used many different products, but none seemed to change the fact that the oxidation would happen quickly like you said, unless kept in the shade under shelter.
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    It's a bit anal but the previous owner had side skirts made for our 270 to protect the color when it was rack stored outside down here through our broiling summers. I've taken it a bit further keeping it on a trailer with the travel cover always on, a stern cover, AND the side covers, all while also stored (mostly) inside my shop.

    Even a white hull will oxidize if not compounded and waxed correctly, it's just far less noticeable.

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    Nice skirts!

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