Two buzzer warning every 2 minutes at idle then solid buzz when under power.

jshagyjshagy Posts: 8Member


I know this has been asked before but my problem seems to be a bit different.  I took my boat out for the first time yesterday.  2008 Rinker EC with a Mercruiser 6.2 Horizon.   At idle I am getting two beeps every two minutes.  Once I get the boat to about 3200 rpms it will sound the solid buzzer.  If I power down it returns to the two times every two minutes.  All fluids are good and all gauges are looking perfect.  I had it started in my slip last week for about 15 minutes with no buzzers at all.  I did top off my lower unit reservoir before stating it yesterday.   I have read many post from others with similar issues but not the same.  I have ordered a IAC valve just incase that is the problem but the boat idles and runs fine.  I have also seen some post that suggest cleaning out the lower unit reservoir.  My marina wants $125 just to send someone down to the dock to pug in a code reader. Has anyone had this same issue?


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