Two buzzer warning every 2 minutes at idle then solid buzz when under power.

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I know this has been asked before but my problem seems to be a bit different.  I took my boat out for the first time yesterday.  2008 Rinker EC with a Mercruiser 6.2 Horizon.   At idle I am getting two beeps every two minutes.  Once I get the boat to about 3200 rpms it will sound the solid buzzer.  If I power down it returns to the two times every two minutes.  All fluids are good and all gauges are looking perfect.  I had it started in my slip last week for about 15 minutes with no buzzers at all.  I did top off my lower unit reservoir before stating it yesterday.   I have read many post from others with similar issues but not the same.  I have ordered a IAC valve just incase that is the problem but the boat idles and runs fine.  I have also seen some post that suggest cleaning out the lower unit reservoir.  My marina wants $125 just to send someone down to the dock to pug in a code reader. Has anyone had this same issue?


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    I believe that you are going in to guardian mode at 3200 with the solid beep. In my experience you really should get the motor scanned. I had the same situation and it turned out to be a water flow sensor on the back of the motor. These days a computer is like a flat head screwdriver. You will spend all that money and more chasing a problem that that computer will identify right away. Good luck.
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    Also suspect an Idle control Valve.   scan  the ecm  you have the 555 controller. 
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    Thanks guys.  Sounds like I need to spend the money to get it scanned.  I'll let you know how it turns out.
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    Well I decided to take a chance and skip having the marina use the diagnostic reader. I got lucky this time.  Once I removed the plastic cover on the air intake, it was obvious the IAC valve was bad. It was corroded and the back of the solenoid was blown off. 10 to 15 minutes later I was on the water. The boat ran great all day.

    The valve was stuck in the open position.  That explains why the boat idled fine but went into limp mode once I hit 3200 rpm's. 

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    Glad you found your problem and it was an easy fix.....
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    I have a 350 rinker on one motor when you excelerate we get a alarm that goes off  solid alarm no beeping and if back it off it stops could it be the water flow sensor 
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