U-Line Cockpit Ice Maker

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The U-Line icemaker in my 2009 Rinker 320 does not get cold. I have power to the unit, and when the unit is switched on the condenser fan operates but the compressor does not come on. Has anyone on the forum encountered a similar problem, and if you have, can you advise as to how to diagnose and repair the problem?  I called U-line hoping to get some trouble shooting advice, but all they would tell me was that it could be caused by several issues ranging from a low refrigerant charge to an electrical problem. I hope that the unit can be repaired as the cost of a new one is quite high. Additionally, if anyone has had to replace their U-Line ice maker please let me know if you found a comparable but les expensive unit that fit the opening in the 320's cockpit wet bar that the current U-line fits into. Thanks in advance for your reply.


  • wm61356wm61356 Harrison Twp., MIPosts: 201Member ✭✭✭
    It is a U-Line BI95
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    Get a service tech to look at it. They might be able to find the refrigerant leak and repair and charge the unit. That is of course its a low or not refrigerant problem. Also if its the compressor the tech can replace that also cheaper than a new unit. Good luck and keep us posted.....
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