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I've mentioned that I changed over my Bravo-III oil from the Mercury stuff to a Neo-Synthetic gear oil 75W-90MRHD (Editied to correct oil ID) (www.neosyntheticoil.com) (http://www.bravoshop.net/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=182&zenid=nba5aetfvt6vns7rr8d4ssnvs6) based on the guy who rebuilt my outdrives (www.allamericandriveservice.com) recommendations.  He uses / recommends it for all his high HP / heavy usage applications.  I have about 80 hours on the oil  (2 seasons) and just pulled samples to be analyzed to see how I was doing, all in all, excellent and no degradation of the lubricant. 

The guy who did the results had extremely high praise for the Neo-Synthetic products and thought this stuff was out of the box thinking (in a good way).  Attached is an analysis of the unused oil: key items: Phosphorous, lead, potassium, all anti-wear additives.  The oil peforms at the 90w level and no breakdown at temp.

I have zero personal interest in the overhauler, oil supplier or testing house.  Just people I have worked with that are unbiased on this stuff and my personal results so far.  Stuff is not cheap, but compared to an outdrive, it is cheap and getting 2+ seasons out of it is even better savings.  Something to consider if you are looking to upgrade your outdrive lubricant.

Note I corrected the oil ID info and a source for it too!!
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