battery switch operation

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Well, the wife is complaining about all the things I am running across, I'm just happy it's not on the water (so far) running into problems....confused a bit on my battery switch and have searched the forums and on line and really could not explain what I ran across. I think I'm having issue with one of the two new batteries- goes from don't want to start on battery 1, but the battery seems to "recover" and start later. I ran the boat all day (without really using power for anything else) So, I was going to pull that battery and have it tested, maybe it has a bad cell or something. Anyway, I wanted to make sure that the battery I pulled was number one. I can see the wires go up to the switch but can't really tell if they cross or not. So, I pulled the hot wire off battery one and put the key into the ignition and to my surprise, it turned on. So, I put that wire back on and pulled the wire off the other battery, and, to my surprise again, the ignition still turned on. The battery switch was left on Bat. 1 position. The switch was not on the both position. What am I missing here? I went ahead and pulled both batteries to have both of them load tested anyway but that was real I have a problem with my switch? When battery number one would not start, I switched to #2 and it started fine. I also checked the alternator out put and I have 13.8V on one and 14 on the other so it looks like I'm charging ok...switch sure has me puzzled.


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