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Looking at add a portable generator to my 2011 208 EC.  Any recommendations as to size I will need to run the 7000 BTU AC/ Heater???


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     Hello ,  I have a Honda 2000i , does me well , easy on fuel , quiet , light weight , runs the air and 20 amp battery charger at the same time . Have a 270 FV  . Friend has a copy cat of the Honda , but it doesn't produce the same ampere output as the Honda . Beware . Where on the hook most of the weekends , won't be without it .  Have a good Fall   
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    I had a Honda 2000.  Very quiet.  Actually the db rating for sound is basically at normal talking.  It ran my AC very dependable and about $1000.00.  I sold mine to a friend when I bought my 342.  Now I am down sizing and will buy another one.  Great unit can't go wrong
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    Hello quick question, with those of you that currently are using a honda 2000i how are you hooking it up to your boat?  Thanks in advance.


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    Most boats past 1998 will get reverse polarity when running off portable generators. The issue is that the ground and neutral wires are not bonded on the boat. To correct the problem you can either bond the 2 wires on the generator or make a new wire and bond the 2 in the wire harness.
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    I like life to be simple. I have an adaptor for the shore power line that allows it to be plugged into a standard outlet. That plugs into the Honda and it then acts like standard shore power.
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    We had a pretty extensive conversation about this on the "old" RBO website. If my memory serves me, the really small honda generators can be linked together with a cordset that honda makes to double the power - great for stsrt-up surges. As well, Yahama makes a special small generetor to handle start-up surges. I think it was a 2400.

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    Hey dallas I would not bond the ground and neutral together on a boat. This is very dangerous. There is a reason that they are not bonded together in the first place. Number 1 by bonding them that could create what is called a "ground loop" and number 2 if that neutral ever "opened" all the current would go living up your ground. Very dangerous!!!! Read up on how people have been electrocuted in marina's.....
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    Where do you put the generators when you are under way?

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    Mark, I know some guys store them in their transom lockers or on a spillproof mat in the cockpit until on the hook. That makes me uneasy. I saw a number of solutions that I liked when we were considering a Rinker 260 last September. I did some asking around and looking at marinas. I liked two variations of the same idea. Both guys had found small dock boxes. One had attached straps that went to two small cleats on his transom locker, he said he never had a problem even when hitting a wake too hard the odd time. The other guy did exactly the same thing only he added two of the plastic corners you can buy to keep coolers in place on the outside corners of the dock box. I was going to use the first idea as I didn't want any trip points on the transom although I bet it would be easy to fabricate some removable stops. I also saw a rig wherein a guy had attached a small box to his bbq mount with straps to his transom. He said he put it there to put more weight to port on his boat. All three installations looked clean and attractive. Good luck.
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    Hey can someone take pictures next time when you see a cool setup. Would love to set my up as well. Thanks in advance!
  • habit68habit68 Georgina, OntarioPosts: 93Member ✭✭
    does anyone have pictures of their generator location while underway and at anchor?
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    Here is my set-up. Here is another way to have 110 volts while at anchor or cruising slow. I bought a new 2000i honda generator. It's powerfully enough to run the a.c. and almost anything else I have aboard ( but not all at the same time) it has an exhaust extension, and a 30 amps extension cord that plug into the ac or shore power connection on the side of the boat .it his so quiet . But be carefully with carbon monoxide I did install a detector close to it just in case Paul - See more at: http://rinkerboats.vanillaforums.com/discussion/1182/400-ec-do-i-have-110-volt-at-the-outlets-while-underway#latest
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    P.s also have a plastic tray under it in case of any leaks. And everything is mounted on thick rubber pad.
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    Is the gen noticeable as far as noise while running while you sleep. I've got my Onan that's loud as all **** and its going out. I was thinking of replacing it with a Kholern but the Honda may be a better option for noise
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    Youll pay a substantial premium for that kohler. If youre on a budget figure out the honda setup otherwise swipe that cc for about 50bu. ($5k+).
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    As I mentioned on the old RBO  when we talked a lot about this issue, the Hondas are so quiet you can hardly hear them, they have great cable hook-up options and Honda used to even have a cable to parallel their small units for big jobs. They sure have it right. Also Yamaha made a super small unit with auto surge start. They're both VERY quiet. My friend went to the two dealers and had them start them up the run them under load (he brought a 1200w electric heater with him). He found the Honda the quietest. When I heard it running at his house (it wasn't at midnight) but it sure was quiet I wasn't even sure that it was on at first. Good Luck! MT

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    That's what I need, when my onans on its LOUD in the cabin. I enjoy white noise when sleeping but not this loud
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    The honda has also a two speed switch hi to start a load and low after the load is started at low you can't barely hear it at 3 feets away
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    Also use the Honda. Damm good little unit!

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    Some people have told me the yamaha have a fuel shut off so you can get all fuel out of carb before shut down and Honda doesn't! I just saw a easy way to achieve this on Honda generators, here it is,

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    Looking for pictures of what to do with it while underway... obviously the engine room is out, I guess by proxy that means under the sink is out too as there's too much of a chance of fumes igniting... would prefer in the cabin somewhere but also sounds like a bad idea. 

    This would be to store it while not in use.. 
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