Using an IPAD as a chartplotter

Was thinking about upgrading my chart plotter to one of those big units, but then a guy at work and i were talking and he proposed this idea to me.. we did some research and downloaded the NAVIONICS app for my ipad ($49.99) and off we went.. its a 10'' chart plotter that can be used other than just a plotter.. So the big question is.. HOW do we mount this???


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    There are several options. RAM mounts are good. I just wedge my between the dash and the cup holder. I also have all my music on it and the aux. input fir the stereo is right behind it, very neat and clean.
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    There are many options that are surface mounts. There are music stands mounts and motorcycle mounts. There are a few options for marine application. The challenge is keeping it dry. The best option is a life proof case. The other challenge when using a case is the glare when it's sunny. I would suggest being creative and flush mounting it in the place of your old chart plotter. When I looked at doing this, I thought the music stand holder was the best option to get in tight exposing only the corners. Just my 2 cents Johnny
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    I've messed around with INAVX and used it on a short trip once. I was very happy with it but like you would like a way to mount it. Please post pics of your setup once you are done. Good luck

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    The only issue I see with using an iPad is that they can over heat and power down if in direct sun.
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    aero3113 said:
    The only issue I see with using an iPad is that they can over heat and power down if in direct sun.

    That's very true, I remember that happening once last year. I think I had laid it flat out on top of the helm while docked for streaming my music and it overheated.
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    Does the navigation app rely solely on GPS, or does it require 3G/4G connectivity too?  In other words, would you lose any nav functionality if you get out of cell range?
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    I have NAVIONICS on my ipad3 and it only uses gps for the nav portion. I have it mounted to the windshield with an aviation glare shield mount, it works great with the exception of what Areo said, it will shut down it it stays in the direct sun long enough to overheat. 
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    navionics uses just GPS, as Bruce stated... I dig them because they are vector, not raster, which means you don't have to flip between layers to see important things as you approach- which means I can set the arrow to point towards the bow (on the screen) and see what's ahead of me..

    raster's generally have more detail, but they are basically base layers the region you're viewing are superimposed over- they are great for large screens such as a desktop computer... if you're looking at depth, for instance, and you're zoomed into a window representing 2nm, the lil numbers will consume a smallish pixel or two- you would have to blow up the map to see them on a smaller screen- that is where a problem is encountered with raster's- that tiny number representing depth is 'sposed to be take up x number of pixels AT A CERTAIN SCALE, when you zoom in, that number gets huge and the detailed stuff pixelates to where you can't distinguish what they are..

    a vector doesn't do that, and it doesn't rely on a huge pile of GIS data on the device to reference what's what.. it scales the items represented on the map/chart/screen to the zoom selected..

    I bought a vizio tablet off amazon for $90- it has an 8.5" screen and two GPS cards (one is standard joined with wi-fi, 4g, ect, one is stand alone)... it works well... I've actually learned to trust it quite a bit more than I ever thought I would.
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    I run the Navionics app on my ipad and iphone and wife's iphone.  I use it more often than my C80, which works out right now becuase my C80 is on the fritz.  The accuracy is pretty amazing and i find just as if not more accurate than my C80.

    I have a RAM mount which i haven't rigged up yet as the Ipad wedges nicely above my throttles.  So its low on the project list.

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    I use the Navonics as well, but I bought a Dual XGPS150, small Bluetooth GPS device that syncs with the Ipad so you don't need the cellular connection. They are about $100 on Amazon.
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    ok, thanks guys, ill have to look on amazon and look for some RAM mounts. I was just wondering if there was anyone who has used it and if there was anyone who had pictures of their set-up. I have the NAVIONICS app for my iphone and it works very well, which was one of the reasons I went with it for my ipad. I don't want to flush mount the ipad (so I can use it for other uses when not navigating). but I wouldn't mind permanently  mounting the mount to the dash somewhere. As far as the old GPS.. I would like to keep that just as a backup. i bought the gps device from amazon as well. 
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    I have used a RAM mount for my fish finder. They are a very good product. You can get them with arms that allow you to swivel the device any which way so it is in the best viewing position.  Good product. They are pretty popular too, most large fishing supply stores carry them, like Bass Pro, maybe even west marine.

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    You can also get some that fit into cup holders that might be an option.
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    Here is a couple pictures of our set up. Hope this helps.
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    How well does the suction cup hold in heavy chop?
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    Joe I've never had it slip, I used it for 3 years in my airplane and even in some very rough turbulence it never came off of the glare shield. The only complaint I have about it is it does allow the ipad to vibrate at times depending on the conditions, and I don't think you would get that with a fixed mount but I didn't want to drill any holes in my dash. 
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