Launch Day 2014 Rinker EC 360

Michael TMichael T Posts: 1,848Member ✭✭✭✭
Hello Guys, Put her in today. All went well. Lots of small tune-ups to do, like calibrating all of the electronic components. The Raymarine e95 touchscreen is awesome and the new Mercury V V 7 is "Star Trek " worthy. The boat had a full load of fuel, water and 10 gallons of water in the waste tank to check it for leaks (before waste goes in ). Because it will still be broken-in for another 19 hours I didn't run her too hard but those 8.2 mags sure are powerful. That said, they had to work to haul that big girl up. I can't imagine doing that with 377 mags or worse yet with 350 mags (which we had in our 2013 EC 310). 8.2 mags are definately required for a boat of this size......and it was a cool day with low humidity! Great handling boat. I had to make some 90 degree turns to set compasses and gps and I did it at 35 mph. The boat tracked like it was on rails. There was about a 2 foot chop and a strong NW wind and the boat just ignored it and tracked straight, making a joke of the chop. The Axius with those 8.2 mags is a beast. It really controls the boat around the docks even in a high wind and tight manoeuvering. I have a half dozen modifications I am going to do to make: fan installations, cockpit HDMI satellite TV/DVD, extra 12 volt receptacles, hanging locker for shorepower cords, extra screens and front roll-up clear flexible panel etc. I'll post those pics as soon as I get them done. Regards, MT


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