It's Arrived - New 2014 EC 360

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Hey guys, my new Rinker 360 has arrived at the dealers. It's in the huge indoor heated shop at Len's Cove. I could only have a brief tour of it because the shipping shrink wrap is going to be left on it while the bottom coat is being applied. A fabulous gel coat/glass guy, Marc, is going to remove the mould wax, sand the hull, apply three barrier coats and then a bottom coat. I took a couple of pictures that may be of interest. One is of it with the shrink wrap on to keep out the dust from sanding. In the picture Marc is getting ready to use a laser level to mark the perimeter of the hull for "outline" of the bottom coat. A second picture shows the hard top which, of course, had to be shipped on a cradle. The radar dome and satellite TV dome have not been installed yet. My favourite picture is of the installation of the Axius joystick on the dash. Randy came-up with this design. Note how it fits like a glove into what is usually the starboard cup holder indentation. Now, I'll be able to stand-up at the helm and have a clear 360 degree view of the boat as I dock or manoeuvre it. THANK YOU - RANDY!  AWESOME, custom feature. RINKER ROCKS! After Marc finishes the bottom coat they are going to install the hard top, radar and satellite domes and other accessories like the swim platform BBQ. I can hardly wait. BTW Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your families! It has been another GREAT year here on the Rinker Owners Website!  Waiting for spring....MT


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    Now that's a Christmas present! Definitely need to see more photos when she is ready for the water. Merry Christmas!
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    Santa came early! Congrats!

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    The 2014 360EC is an awesome boat. A friend of mine just got one and it is a beauty. Best of luck and enjoy your new Christmas gift.....
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    Thanks guys. I just received some neat pictures of the hull being sanded for the barrier coat. I also have some really cool pictures from Randy Rinker of the boat being worked on and in the  water tank at the Rinker factory. As well, I took some pictures down in the cabin yesterday. The new Corian counter tops look great, the new Brazil wood cabinets are very nice and the new wide plank sculpted floor boards are very modern looking. We have already selected new black and white striped canvass for the front sunpad to replace the factory 'beige" colour. Brenda at Lens Cove will be working her magic on that soon. RY, yes, the boat did come with engines and applications for gas cards from the big three. I'll post a picture of the 8.2s later BTW, Rinker installed the new Mercruiser Vesselview 7. I read the specs real fast yesterday but IF I understood them correctly Mercury claims that in an integrated electronics application this enhanced Vesselview/Smartcraft with the new 8.2s can save up to 20% in gas consumption. Merc are striaght shooters and 20% would be nice (sort of like EPA car gas mileages) but I'd be happy with 5% in the real world, anything else would be gravy. The boat is a real technological wonder (at least to me). All of the electronics have deliberatley been integrated and can communicate with each other - wifi/bluetooth GPS, Radar, Vesselview/Smartcraft 7, DTS and Axius. Apparently, the boat's entire operating systems can easily be configured to "talk" with each other to alter rpm, drive attitude and boat trim to maximize performance and efficiency. That would be cool. Anyway don't want to bore you too much with my ramblings. :-) MT
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    Diesels would have saved you 60% MT, just sayin.
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    Well RY, I agree that diesels would have saved me a little. But - not anywhere near 60%. Diesels are, in my opinion, only worthwhile when buying second hand AND paying cash, not financing. As well, the extra cost at a minimum of 50K would net most investors a loss of about $7,500.00 per year - that would buy a lot of fuel. then we have to talk the ever increasing problems/costs with marine diesel maintenance. I'll  post my gas costs here in September 2014 and we can do a real comparison. In my opinion 38 foot boat with diesels (unless a trawler) - a mathematically bad idea, never pays-off. However a 45 foot, or bigger, boat with diesels - now it's starting to make sense ;-) MT

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    Where do you get this "increasing problems/costs with Diesel maintenance"? I will post what it costs me to in the spring to recomish my babys. :D
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    Congrats MT and Merry Christmas. I'm sure that Santa was glad he didn't have to cram that thing down the chimney. Have a great new-boat season.
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    More pictures please!!!!

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    The boat looks great!  I am glad it arrived and looks great.  Keep posting more photos.
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    Congratulations Michael T! 
    Very nice boat, hope you have nothing but good luck and fun with it.

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    congrats MT and happy new year to everyone!

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    MT, nice to have chatted this afternoon. I can' t wait to see this beauty when she's launched. I know you suggested I add the underwater lights, got me thinking. There's still a good month before launch. Have you sorted out what you are putting in, and how many?
    Wayne '09 340 EC
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    Hey Wayne, I got a really nice surprise (I think - I'll verify it by calling the LED vendor on Monday) when Judy and I  looked at the boat closely in the yard today. Unkown to us It appears that Rinker up-graded the LED lights from Ocean LED T-3s (meant for trailerable boats) to A 3 Pros. If that turns out to be the case we will have double the output of the T 3 Ocean LEDs on our 310 which would be plenty and best of all the A 3 Pros are meant to be left in the water year round. As well, they have tritonium optical lenses that reduce marine growth build-up and are far easier to clean if growth does get on them.. Because Ocean LED has developed its next generation of lights, the extreme series, the  A 3 Pros, A 6 Pros, A 8 Pros and A 12 Pros are all on special pricing. If you were interested you could purchase them in the US and have them shipped to the UPS Store in Ogdensburg or call Canadian suppliers. I think the following Cdn suppliers might still carry the Ocean LED brand: Crate Marine Sales 1-905-476-4552 or Bay Marine 1-613-394-6691. Of course Bonnie Mustard at L.C. can probably get them too. As well, there is a light (that the guys on the talk list have been talking about ) that fits in the drain plug hole - but I don't like that idea too much. I really like the Ocean LED brand. They were super cool on my 310. They were blue ( you can also get green and white) and lit up the water for a really nice effect at night. People stopped by our boat when we were in Kingston at the city moorings and at Ivy Lea to tell us how much they liked the effect. You could either intsall one A 3 Pro light outboard from each trim tab plate ( like on my 310 and now my 360) or install a more powerful single LED bar, for example like the A 6 Pro between your drives which would probably be a lot easier and also very effective. I have no doubt that Brent could do the job easily. If you had the light shipped express I'm sure it would arrive in time. Let me know how it goes and feel absolutely free to e.mail or phone me if you have any questions. Regards, Michael
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    hello michael

    sorry i didnt respond earlier. i just saw your message of last year. i leave to florida in fall  and sometimes i just dont pay attention to my messages while in florida.first congratulations on your new boat.

    but i will say, you made the right choice. i have the same boat, a 2013 360ec with the 8.2l and axius system. fantastic boat. i love it very much. spacious, excellent quality. the only difference is probably the vessel view, i have the old  model.

    in my opinion, in its class its the best boat among the boat manufacturers. i attended as usual the miami boat show in feb/14, and i still will say its the best boat in its class. best value for this boat size. and the service from rinker, is as good as it gets. randy rinker is in my opinion the best customer service person in any industry, not just the boating industry. this guy is just great and will support you with any issue you may have.

    rinker has some great guys working in the factory that take pride in their jobs. you will enjoy this boat just like we have. where are you boating? i boat on lake ontario in port credit area.

    any info you may need, please feel free to email me. i will ensure that i answer you. but the boat is sweet and you will love it alot.


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