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Hey Guys,

Quick question. If the engines on my 2005 342 were not properly winterized, what would you expect to happen when I fire them up this spring? What should I look for? In other words, how will I know I have an issue? Having a bit of non-trust issue with my marine service guy. He was supposed to verify and send in writing that the engines were winterized but so far nothing from him.



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    Can you get to the boat? If so I think you can get a sample of the coolant and get it tested to see what the freezing point of it is.

    I see you're in Kentucky, how cold has it been so far?
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    What I mean is there is a chance that the marine service guy did not winterize the engines at all. He says "his technician" did but the invoice does not reflect that is has been done. I've requested something in writing to clarify but no response yet. If they have not been winterized, I need to know what to expect in the Spring when I fire them up.......what to look for? Will they start? Will the freeze plugs be laying in the bilge?

    It has hit single digits here at night for 3 nights in a row with the daytime temps below freezing.


    "Wetted" Bliss 2005 Rinker 342 - Black Hull - Twin Mercruiser 350 Mags - BIII's
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    I'd be going right now and pull the blue drain plugs. This will do two things for you. First it will tell you if it was winterized. Second it will probably save your engines from a deep freeze if it was not winterized.

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    if your engines freeze your electric fuel pump is ruined and any oil coolers are broke. the heat exchanger can be damaged from the water flowing through it too cool the antifreeze. exhaust risers will crack and leak water. do you have the horizon 350 mag?
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    Here is an experiment from another forum. It gives you an idea what could happen if they weren't winterized. Hopefully the tech did winterize them.

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