Factory Custom Rinkers?

Michael TMichael T Posts: 1,844Member ✭✭✭✭
The thread in recent discussions talking about the Canadian Power Boat TV program jogged my memory about the show we all used to watch - so I went back to google it and entered PowerBoat TV. I got looking around at some of the great episodes over the years and THEN.....I came across a REALLY custom Rinker project. It looks to me like a factory custom 2006 FV 360. The galley is super custom, cupboards have been added everywhere - even the mid berth cabin has been enclosed with a door leading into it. If you want to have a look go to google, type in PowerBoat TV then once on the site click on season 2011, episode 6 section part 3 of 4. I think it's called 'footitis". Anyway, I wonder if Rinker will still do completely custom work - of course if you pay for it. I would have had sliding drawers installed under the front berth of our 2014 EC 360 - darn! .....well maybe next time! Anyway, hope any of you Rinker die hards find it interesting. P.S. you can also type Rinker 360 into search and it will bring up other episodes. On the 2011 episode 12 part 2 of 4 there is a review of a 2011 Rinker EC 360. I was on that exact boat this summer as it was for sale! :-) MT
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