Specs for 242

I recently bought a used 242 fiesta vee and I have been looking on the interenet for a spec shhet for it, but cannot find one. Does anyone know where I can look. Most links seem to be focussed on sales of boats.




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    actually I have a brocure.  I will look for it this weekend and send you the specs on your boat.
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    I have the brochure.    Specs are:

    LOA  24' 5"

    Beam 8' 6"

    approximate weight 5600 lbs

    Fresh water 33 gallons

    Fuel 75 gallons

    Holding Tank 27 gallons

    Cabin Headroom 5'11"

    Bridge Clearance 6'9"

    Draft (drive down) 36"

    Deadrise 18"

    Standard Power 5.0L 220 php Alpha

    Max Power 5.7L 260 Bravo 2 or Bravo 3

    The brochure has all the options and standard equipment, let me know if you want more infromation

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    Kyoshi did you get this information you asked for it was from the original brochure.
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    Thanks Mic, I got it. Good info for me.
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