Bad Starter?? Curses you cranky beast

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When starting the boat on the last few trips I'd turn the key to the start location and was met with the dreaded click but no go. After a few attempts it'd catch, and it didn't happen all the time and when it worked it was strong so being optimistic I figured it was a bad ground and not a stater solenoid. Went to prep the boat tonight for a weekend run(which always includes a test run at the house) and it looks like my luck has run out. I think the stater has an on-board solenoid that's done.
  • First made sure the terminals were clean and the batteries were fully up. No go...only the dreaded click
  • I found the engine grounding bolts and re-tightened them both even though they were both in good shape. No go.
  • I checked the main harness connector that was clean as a whistle. No go
  • Tried the "both" battery selector after cycling it around a few times. No Go.
  • Hooked up my jump start pack. No go.
  • Tried jostling the shifter fwd/rev at the helm. No Go

Got back under the engine to see how impossible it'll be to pull the starter and if the 2(?) bolts would come loose it won't be horrible.....but of course the back one that I can barely reach is tight as a tick even after hosing it with penetrating oil. Assuming I can get the back bolt off and won't have to pull the engine, is there a GM starter that is a direct bolt in on these GM 350s' or will I have to do a Merc OEM starter??

I was looking forward to posting some pics of the 3 girls I was bringing this weekend. Thanks for any insight. Broke down again, Mike
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