Old Friend

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Cleaning out the computer files and came across an old friend - our 2011 Rinker 226XL. It was the last of our Rinker sportboats before we went to cruisers and bought the 2013 Rinker EC 310. The 226XL was a great towboat for the kids for waterskiing, wakeboarding and tubing. It had an all black hull, 350 mag B lll with silent choice through hull exhausts and a ton of other options. Like all Rinkers it was a beauty. MT 
226XL - 1.jpg
213 x 159 - 11K
226XL - 2.jpg
213 x 159 - 11K
226Xl - 3.jpg
213 x 159 - 11K
226XL - 4.jpg
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