Painting Radar Arch

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Just wondering if anyone has sanded and painted their radar arch. I have a 2005 320 and my arch is cracking and chipping paint off. This started before I owned the boat-it was 2 years old when I bought it. I took all the screws out and placed silicone on them before re-installing but the damage has already started. I see this is not just a Rinker issue but other manufacturers have the same problem with their aluminum arches. Please let me know how you primed and what paint you used. I am trying to not have this professionally done because of the cost.


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    If you can remove it and get it sand blasted that would be your best bet. Sand blasting will remove all of the paint and corrosion if any. You will want to prime with an aluminum primer and use a paint that is compatible with the primer. If you have a local powder coating shop they can blast it and powder coat it, if you go that route you will never have to worry about it again.

    What part of Long Island are you from? I use a powder coating shop in Farmingdale often and there are others on the Island also. You will be surprised at how reasonable their pricing can be.

  • SerenitySerenity Long Island, New YorkPosts: 162Member ✭✭✭
    Thank you aero. That was what I researched as well. I am in Patchogue at Sunset Harbor.
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    I have the same boat, and the same issue. It's not to bad, but I may do it over the winter.
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    Plastidip isn't the most durable stuff. One of my coworkers has his car painted with it, when he gets tired of the color he peels it off and re-sprays it.
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    Powder coating would be the way to go but is pricey compared to the dip. I don't think the dip would take much abuse on a radar arch.
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    With plastidip you still have to clean corrosion off and feather the paint then prime. If you do all the prep you might as well paint with a durable paint.
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    Here is a video on plastidip, its really cool stuff.
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    BTW, I was told to wash, dry and wax my radar arch before the boat hit the water. I put a real good coat of Meguiar's flagship carnuba wax on it with partciular attention to areas around and screws. Of course boating in a fresh water environment really helps. I have had a lot of experience with powdercoating - the advice you have been given by A-3113 is top notch. 6 months after the powdercoating wash your arch with cold water. Towel dry it. Let it sit for a coiple of hours in the SHADE then wax it with a carnuba based wax and towel buff it. Keep motorized buffers away from it. MT
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