New Rinker EC 310 Maiden Voyage

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You guys may remember all the tales I had about our maiden voyage with our new EC 310. My first time with twin screws and a boat that really "caught the wind". We managed to get through 15 sets of locks on some of the windiest days the lock masters could remember. Many boats had to tie up for days. Our great Rinker hull design (yeah!) and axius made it a breeze for the Admiral and I. The pictures start at the first lock which is on Big Rideau Lake (where Old Dog New Trix has his boat) down through the locks to the mighty St.Lawerence River and Thousand Islands (actually 1800 islands) area where we keep our boat at The Landings at Ivy Lea. The locks are some of the oldest in North America. Picture number two shows one of the most beautiful locks of all - you come out of a lock which you can see the stone walls of in the background, idle across a flat pool of water and enter another lock. You can see the doors of the last lock that we just came from - in the background -  still open. Picture number 5 shows a swing bridge we had ro do through - it was really cool for a new cruiser captain! It's a beautiful trip for any of you in the area......and yes, Rinkers are beautiful! Take care! Michael
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