Water level in bilge

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How deep should the water get before the bilge pump kicks on? I got some rain water in the bottom this past week and decided it was time to clean it out good. I figured I would dump a couple buckets of fresh water in and let it pump it out and then wipe of the remaining with a couple towels.

Well, I got 6 buckets in and the pump was half covered with no activity. I turned the bilge pump on manually and it started humming, but it didnt seem like it was moving any water at all. I had probably close to 4" of water under the engine, so I expected it to pump that out.

So, I gave up and vacuumed the water out with a shop vac I keep on board, but that was a pretty big PITA. Good thing I have an understanding wife!

So, does it sound like something is wrong, or am I expecting the pump to kick on too early? I cant imagine wanting anything close to the amount of water it allowed.........
2013 276 Cuddy ~ 350 MAG / B3


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