First oil change completed

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Just hit 20 hours last weekend so I needed to do the "break-in" oil change. A couple local places wanted $200+ for just the oil change, and were pushing to change the drive lube too (even though the manual states absolutely nothing about the gear lube needing to be changed early),

I've got a 276 Captiva Cuddy with a 350Mag ECT

So, instead I headed to my local marine store and bought the following:

1 gallon Mercury 20W-40  (92-858088K01) $38
1 quart Mercury 20W-50 (92-858087K01) $10
1 Mercury Racing Oil filter (35-881126K01) - High efficiency & higher capacity $20
1 Mercury Crankcase Oil Pump (802889A) $38

So, just over $100 in supplies. Def could get cheaper online, but I like getting stuff locally so I know I get the right stuff.

I ran the engine at idle until I saw it hit 160*. I gave it a couple short runs at ~2k rpm to try to get the oil nice & warm. Quickly after shutting off the engine I hooked up the oil pump to the dipstick via the threaded fitting (its actually a water hose fitting, FYI). It took maybe 4-5 pumps before the oil started flowing, but after it started it went very fast. I'd estimate that it took under a minute to get all the oil out.

I pumped the oil into a 5+qt oil container I had from my car, so I could see exactly how much oil I had extracted. It basically sucked out just over 5 quarts (which I believe is almost exactly how much was in the pan because the dipstick was reading right at the Full mark). It must have been a little full from the factory, because capacity is supposed to be 4.5 qts.

I then let it sit for maybe 15-20 minutes because I knew the oil filter was going to be messy. Its nicely located right at the top of the engine, but it faces down, so as soon as you unscrew it the oil spills right out. I wrapped the metal bracket it sits on with a towel and placed another one in the bilge directly under it, as I didn't want it getting under the engine. I needed to get it off with a strong strap wrench, but it came off pretty easily and without too much spillage.

I put on the new filter and made sure it fit under the engine hatch, as its quite a bit taller. It didnt touch a piece of a gum I put on top of the filter, so it should be fine.

Filled it up with 4.5 quarts and it was barely in the "good" range, so I gave it another 1/2 quart and its right in the middle. I suspect the new filter is probably a 1/2 qt more, and I'll probably add in another 1/2qt to get it right at the top of the hash marks.

Overall it was probably the easiest & cleanest oil change I have ever done. I'm used to crawling under lowered cars with double sumps and no clearance, so this was a joy. Definitely worth the time and knowledge that I know it was done right. Plus I got to listen to some tunes, drink a beer, and get some sun.

I know it was wordy, but thought it might help someone that wants to try it themself but isnt exactly sure how. :)

2013 276 Cuddy ~ 350 MAG / B3


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