my husband and I just purchased a 2002 31ft rinker fiesta . Are there any reported problems that we

My husband and I just put a deposit on a 2002, 31ft rinker fiesta. My husband saw the boat and said it was in excellent condition. If i am not mistaken I think the gentlemen said there was 300 hours on the engines. He is asking 38,000 firm.  Looking online , this seems like a low price for this year boat. My husband looked in the engine compartment and said it was impecable. Should we be concerned about something being wrong with this boat . Thank you, m Bifulco


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    Where are you guys? Salt or fresh? Did you have it surveyed? It's likely worth the effort to do so.. in the economic climate, now is the time to buy.. folks don't seem to have disposable income now like they did ten, or even two years ago..

    You could be doing the owner a favor by taking it off their hands, and doing yourselves one by finding a good deal... But for the love of all that's holy, have it surveyed.. x10 if it is a saltwater boat.. :-)

    Welcome aboard, and good luck!!!
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    Welcome, like stated above a survey will help you decide. And give you a starting point for repairs and maintenance
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    Welcome aboard. Drew is absolutely right! get a boat survey from a reputable 3rd party with no emotional attachment to the deal. Not one recommended by the seller but found from a disinterested and reputable local boat dealer. It'll be the best money you'll spend on a new-to-you boat. If the seller away.

    Records of any repairs are great and a through seatrial with the surveyor will reveal any disguised issues. There are far too many boats on the market to wreck you're enthusiasm with a bandaid deal. Flooded boats poured out into the market all around the gulf coast after katrina and Sandy Hook certainly had their share recently.

    On the other hand if it's all good then the surveyor will validate the value and you'll be off to a great start. good luck and let us know how it's going. Mike
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    Check the drives!

    If it has a Volvo drives, check them very carefully and have a survey performed before purchasing.

    That is a low price...
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    ^like they said

    SURVEY SAYS..."get a survey"

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    ERRK, UHHH wait a sec my mistake. I just re-read your post and it started with we "purchased" and then went to "put a deposit down". If there wasn't a "contingency on getting a clear survey" then we all just missed the boat (bad pun) as we assumed you were still at the "looking" phase.

    It's too late to add to the contract if it's not in there before the deposit is set up so I hope you'll have a smooth purchase and boating experience. Even marine surveyors themselves will hire a fellow surveyor to look a boat over without the rose colored glasses that an enthusiastic buyer often wears.

    Feel free to post details of the model yr and engine details along with pictures of any items that seem odd or less than wonderful and the crew here will help any way we can.

    Good luck, Mike
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    My family and I had a 2002 310 for over 6 years.  Absolutely loved that boat!  I knew it inside and out and it was very easy to maintain.  If your husband does not boats real well, definitely have it surveyed.  At a bare minimum get the engines surveyed.  The price is reasonable and close to the low end of what they are going for now. 

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    I think they were putting Volvo XDP's some time after 2002.  But if you have them, let us know.  I had them.  Ran them for 7 years before I replaced them.  But everyone on this board will give you excellent tips and advice.  This is like home for any Rinker owners.


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    There have been many owners with 2001-2003 250 and 270 FVs with the fuel tank rotting out and leaking fuel into the bilge. I am not sure about the 310s but it is something I would definately research!! I am one such owner so please PM if you have any questions.
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