Measuring anchor rode?

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Brand new 290EC with windlass. Anyone out there know how much rode it releases per second or some other time period? I'm trying to avoid having to measure it out by hand now.


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    Art, that is an interesting way to figure out how much rode has been run out.  What many do I am pretty sure, is to drop the anchor straight down, all the chain on top of it, let the boat drift back with the wind/current and then continue to release rode until you wind up with the proper scope.  Scope being the angle the taught rode makes with the water surface.

    A scope of 5 or 6 to 1 is good for a calm over night, maybe a bit less if you are in a crowded anchorage for a nice afternoon on the hook.   

    Those are the parameters I tend to use.  Others may have different ones.

    I have seen boats anchor with what looks like as little as a 2 or 3 to 1 scope for a few hours on the hook on a nice afternoon.  They do not seem to have any trouble.

    But I am pretty sure someone will be able to provide a foot per second figure.


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    With any new boat I'd discharge the whole rode out onto the dock and ck the knot at the end, then beginning at the anchor measure and paint a distinct orange neon mark at every 30' section.

    I also painted a mark on the chain visible at the roller at the length where the anchor is barely submerged so i can drag it around in reverse to rinse it off from an anchorage.

    Works great for us. Happy sailing....uh .motoring :D Mike
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    For five bucks, you can get a set of anchor rode markers -- brightly colored nylon strips that you pleat into the rope every 30 feet.  Each one is pre-printed with the length to the anchor (30', 60' etc.).

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    I downloaded the app Anchor Watch. Just start the app when dropping the anchor, go 5-7 times the depth. Then give yourself 20' or so and set the alarm. If the boat moves out of that radius, alarm sounds. I must admit I haven't used it yet but it sure makes sense.
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    Our Garmin GPS has a drift alarm and we have a second, much louder Mercury alarm installed to it as well. We set if for 15 ' of drag the other day and  just as I was asking the Admiral if we were getting closer to ean island both alarms went off - seems we were and moved!  Great piece of mind at night! Also the Prusik knot is super excellent for anchoring! MT

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