Trim Tab Lesson

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I know a lot of you vetern cruising guys are going to laugh at this but I learned a big lesson today. I am new to cruiser ownership but have driven high horsepower "go fasts" for years. Sure, I used trim tabs the odd time to balance a ride or until I shifted things around to naturally balance the hull and yes, I have read many of the wise comments on the old RBO and now this site on the proper use of trim tabs - but - today I got a good lesson that made me realize that I was a " lazy" boat driver in the past who used horsepower where he should have used smarts.  Unlike a lot of my "go fast" buddies who were so obsessed with top end that they propped their boats with props that were too "tall" (too high a pitch) by propping the boat at the lowest possible wot number or even below it and therefore having to use their tabs to even have a chance of getting on plane, I didn't. I wanted hole shot so I propped at the very upper end of my wot. Thus I never really came to appreciate the value of trim tabs first hand.Today was the first time I had a "crowd" on our new EC 310. 6 adults and 2 kids. The first time to plane I pinned it, like usual, but the nose sure stayed up a long time. The 350s were howling but they finally got her up. I stood up at the helm for a better look as it was taking too long to plane and I was worried about my loss of visibility - particularly on a busy weekend. The very next time (about 10 minutes later) I decided to put full tabs down. Holy $%^&  the boat was on plane in 5 mississippis. If fact I was so impressed that I had to scramble to retract the tabs as the nose was starting to "stuff". Lesson learned! MT


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